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Sägenvier is a studio for design communication in Dornbirn/Austria around Sigi Ramoser. We are communication designers with heart and mind and see ourselves in a position between small graphic design offices and large full-service agencies.

Sägenvier, as it stands today, emerged from a 29-year project partnership of Sigi Ramoser, Sandro Scherling, Kurt Dornig, and Hermann Brändle. First in a free association, then for a few years as “Atelier für Text und Gestaltung” and since 2001 together under the roof brand Sägenvier DesignKommunikation, which, after the founding of the individual studios by Kurt Dornig and Sandro Scherling (2008 and 2015), has been managed by Sigi Ramoser since autumn 2015. Hermann Brändle also writes in the Säge as a freelance copywriter. In the meantime, Ewald Natter/programming and Conny Amann/projects are still renting in the CoWorking Space. Numerous cooperations are proof of the open and project-oriented way of working. Cooperations with renowned design offices in Austria enrich and enliven Sägenvier’s design and communication work, which is well established in Vorarlberg.

A good 20 people work in and around Sägenvier. Graphic designers, copywriters, web designers, industrial designers, sound designers, marketing and communication consultants. Employees, freelancers, interns, and an apprentice. Over the years, several renowned design studios have established themselves from Sägenvier and the demanding work may occasionally lead to prizes, such as the Type Directors Club New York, the Joseph Binder Award or the German Design Prize.

We see ourselves as a general contractor of designed communication and work in all disciplines of design communication for industrial companies, for small and medium-sized enterprises, for banks, for publishing houses, for municipalities, for culture, for public transport, for social institutions, for schools, etc. Our turnover is 100% profitable. We earn 100% of our revenue from fee-based services. No commissions, no kick-backs, no service fees. This makes us independent and free of any affiliations.

We prefer and work best when solutions are developed together with our clients and can be maintained and further developed in a lasting partnership. That is why we shy away from competitive presentations. They are like blind dates in a discotheque – you hardly know the other person, it is loud and there is glitter everywhere. We want to understand, feel and reflect on the task with our clients. Only then can we create tangible and understandable communication together. We want to have something to do with our clients. No more and certainly no less.

Sägenvier understands design and communication as both an economic factor and a cultural contribution and combines communicative tasks with function, aesthetics, and independence.

With a lot of sweat and even more passion, we have compiled a comprehensive and thoroughly honest archive of the past 33 years on this site: beautiful, exciting, award-winning, successful …