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Sigi Ramoser

Owner (Managing Director), Consulting, Creative Management

Sigi Ramoser, born 1962 in Lustenau. Following an apprenticeship as a decorator and commercial artist, studied graphic design in Munich. After a short period as art director (9 months) at the Baschnegger Agency in Dornbirn, he has been self-employed since 1986.

Today’s Sägenvier emerged from the office partnership with Hermann Brändle, Kurt Dornig, and Sandro Scherling. At first, they worked as a freelance group, then for a few years as a studio for text and design, and since 2001 under the umbrella brand Sägenvier DesignKommunikation. Since autumn 2015, Sägenvier DesignKommunikation has been led by Sigi Ramoser. Hermann Brändle is also still at Säge. Meanwhile, Ewald Natter (programming) and Conny Amann (projects) are still renting the CoWorking Space. Numerous cooperations are proof of the open and project-oriented way of working. Cooperations with renowned design offices in Austria enrich and enliven Sägenvier’s design and communication work, which is well positioned in Vorarlberg.


Teaching activities
1996/1997 and since 2008 – FHV University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg – Intermedia/Media Design
since 2006 – Ravensburg School of Design – DesignCommunication
since 2011 – Werbe Design Akademie WDA – Dornbirn
since 2016 sporadically – New Design Academy St. Pölten, Uni Liechtenstein Architecture Vaduz

2006 – Rotary Club Feldkirch – Corporate Design
2006 – FHV University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg – Corporate Design
2007 – vai Vorarlberger Architekturinstitut – Lecture Make-up Design – Signaletik
2009 – FH Kärnten – Workshop Signaletik – Architecture
2009 – PÄDAK Vorarlberg – Youth Communication – Financial Driving Licence
2009 – Munich BGD/Akademie an der Einsteinstraße U5 – Makeup Design Attitude and design
2010/2012 – Advertising Design Academy WDA – Dornbirn
2012/2013 – Libraries of Austria and Vorarlberg
2014 – Architecture Forum Freiburg – Signaletik
2015 – A-type Architecture and Type TGM Munich – Signaletik
2016 – ZV Vorarlberg – Signaletik
2016 – Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart – Signaletik
2016 – New Design Academy St. Pölten – Signaletik
2016 – BAF Bolzano Architecture Festival – Signage
2016 – Uni Liechtenstein – Signaletik
2016 – FH Joanneum Graz – Signaletik
2017 – FH Würzburg – Signaletik
2018 – SfG Ravensburg – Signaletik
2019 – Auer Weber Architekten Munich-Stuttgart – Signaletik
2019 – FYI Vienna – Signaletik
2019 – FYI Vienna – Fuckup Failure

Jury activity
1999 – Diocese of Innsbruck – Jury CD Process
2008 – 100BestePlakate, Berlin 2007
2010 – re(de)sign:network, Vienna
since 2012 – aws Austria Wirtschaftsservice – Innovation
2016 – Green Panther Award, Graz
2016 – New Design Academy, St. Pölten

since 1986 – designaustria – board in 4 periods until 2015
since 1988 – Icograda Europe
since 2008 – Kiwanis Club Dornbirn
since 2009 – tga Typografische Gesellschaft Austria
since 1990 – tgm Typographic Society Munich
since 1995 – Typographic Circle London
since 2007 – vai Vorarlberg Institute of Architecture
since 2009 – 100BestePlakate
since 2014 – International Society of Typographic Designers
since 2014 – Art Directors Club NYC – the one club
since 2014 – IIID International Institute for Information Design
since 2016 – KunstRaumDornbirn
since 2016 – CIS Creative Industries Styria
since 2017 – d&da

Numerous awards, exhibition participations and publications in specialist media (Austria, Germany, UK, USA, Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Korea, China, etc.).

+43 650 27 48 100


Leonie Laura Ramoser

Graphic Design, Project Management

I joined the Säge team in December 2019 after successfully graduating from the School of Design in Ravensburg/Germany, and in 2021 I will join my father and the present team as an associate co-creator, helping to shape and develop the fortunes of Sägenvier. My motivation is to carry the footsteps of the sole entrepreneurship as well as the attitude and design of Säge into the future. Both as a designer and as a project manager, additionally in acquisition activities, I will be happy to contribute to our enterprise in the future. My twin brother Jonas, who is studying architecture at the Vienna University of Technology, may also join us. The first steps have been organised and we are confident that the tasks of branding, the challenging communication design work in so many distribution channels, with the work of narrative spaces – signage – can be closely combined and continued with our profession in the future.

We are always concerned with creating good design and communication that is as real and authentic as possible. All that is what we are continuing to work on with our wonderful team and carrying it into the future. It’s great that I can be a part of it. I have been taught my father’s goals and the skills of organising a design office from the bottom up, in addition to my training as a graphic designer, and I will do everything I can to continue to lead the saw into the next decades. Get down to the business, as Sigi likes to say. And always go into things positively. Never give up, always stay curious, and then the design and communication that has a noticeable and lasting effect for our clients and tasks will come to life. It’s nice when we can make a difference.


+43 699 12 748 101

Jonas Ramoser


As Sigi Ramoser’s son, I am naturally connected to and familiar with his and our destinies and think in a design-oriented and entrepreneurial way at the same time. After an intensive search for my design-related skills, I ended up studying architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. Graphic design and the design of objects, as our father has been living and breathing for 34 years now, I had nonetheless decided to study in a similar way. Since 2017 I have been studying architecture and have always stayed in close touch with the Saw. The Saw has maintained design tasks in the general context of impact – how can a charisma be conveyed – how can places and, beyond that, emotions be designed into the mediation of communication. This interests me and in the spaces of scenography and signage that my father has pursued for decades – how can space tell the story or make it perceptible. I think the family situation with my twin sister Leonie, who studied graphic design and has now also found her place in the Saw, can generate completely new skills and interests that have always corresponded to the attitude and design of the Saw. We are living the new generation in subtle and well-designed transition. I am happy to be part of the Saw and its future – no matter where it takes me in the future – to Tokyo, to Los Angeles, to the Nordic countries – we will continue to develop together.

Annerose Löw


Annerose Löw, 50+, born in Dornbirn. One daugther, two grandchildren. Commercial education, 26 years of professional experience in marketing.

+43 650 274 8105

Sophia Ellensohn

Graphic Design

Sophia Ellensohn, born in Lustenau in October 1996, started her 3 1/2-year apprenticeship as a media design/media specialist at Sägenvier in 2012 and successfully graduated in April 2016. She is looking forward to more good times with the Sägenvierers.


+43 650 92 72 714

Elias Riedmann

Graphic Design

Elias Riedmann (1990), born and raised in Lustenau, graduated from the Viennese University of Applied Arts in 2016. During his studies he spent time abroad in Krakow and Amsterdam, and did internships at De Designpolitie and Studio Laucke Siebein. Since February 2016 graphic designer at Sägenvier.

+43 699 19 140 185

Lisa Fink

Graphic Design

Lisa Fink, born 1994 in Bregenz. After passing her A-Levels at the HTL Dornbirn, she was living in Costa Rica for a longer period of time and made her first approaches as an intern at Säge. In 2014, she decided to study Intermedia at the University of Applied Sciences in Vorarlberg. After 3 years at the FH and a semester abroad in Lisboa, she then successfully concluded her studies with a Bachelor’s degree in 2017. Since October 2017 she is happy to be a part of Säge.

+43 650 27 48 103

Nicolai Pritzl

Graphic Design

Nicolai Pritzl, born in 1989 in Bad Waldsee and raised in the Allgäu region, completed his Bachelor’s degree in Intermedia at the FHV in 2014. During his studies, he completed an internship at zeroseven Designstudios in Augsburg. After graduating, he was employed as a graphic designer in the marketing department of an internationally active company in the field of sensor technology. Has been working as a graphic designer at the Saw since April 2018.

+43 650 27 48 106

Viktor Ölz

Graphic Design

Viktor Ölz, born 1990 in Bregenz. Two years of diploma studies at the Graphics Academy in Vienna were followed by three years of training in Linz, which he successfully finished with a diploma and master class in 2019. Since January 2020 at the Säge.

+43 660 2062597

Tina Rhomberg

Graphic Design

Tina Rhomberg, born in 1980, completed the three-year Creative Photography College in Vienna after her A-levels at the Artistic Branch of the Schoren Gymnasium – and worked as a photo assistant during that time. Afterwards she worked at a publishing house in Berlin for a brief period. While completing a magazine and preparing for a trade fair appearance, she first became aware of graphic solutions and interior design.

Back in Vienna, she worked as an all-rounder at Foto Leutner – a renowned photo lab specialising in high-quality art prints. As a customer consultant at the Lomographic Society, however, her interest was focused on the design and graphics department. But when she was offered an internal transfer there, she needed a change of scenery: in Barcelona, she studied graphic design at the private university IDEP. Towards the end of the three-year full-time degree programme, she worked as an intern at LoSiento, a graphic design studio specialising in manual work with paper, print, packaging and corporate design. Between Barcelona and her comeback to Vorarlberg, she did another internship at Landor Associates in London, a well-known and globally active branding agency. Finally, she completed her last year of training in the InterMedia Bachelor’s programme at the University of Applied Sciences -Vorarlberg in the field of Motion Pictures.

Since October 2014, she is happy to have found her place in an interesting and friendly team at Sägenvier.

+43 699 10041057

Tim Siegel

Graphic Design

Tim Siegel was born in Friedrichshafen in 1993 and grew up at Lake Constance. He graduated from the School of Design in Ravensburg in 2018. During his studies, he worked as an intern und student trainee at Braun Engels Gestaltung in Ulm, where he continued to work for another three years after graduation. At the Säge since January 2022.

+43 660 3479670

Lucas Haberl


+43 660 68 50 111


Conny Amann – Projects


Hermann Braendle

Text and context

Hermann Braendle, aka H. B. Wordington, now already Generation 50Plus (fucking hell, how time flies!), remembers exactly: On the desperate search for an elegant way out of the German professor job, Sigi and Sandro said one day: “Come and join us, we need a copywriter“. Suddenly, the door to the communications industry was wide open. Lucky bastard!

Status: Co-partner of and copywriter for Sägenvier DK. German and History in Innsbruck, Cultural and Media Studies in London. Author of the legendary Rätikon Reader. Andsoonandsoforth…

+43 699 19 014 038

Ewald Natter

Web development