Shop window
A compilation of works that
have inspired us. We don't
want to hide them from you.
Variations on good design
by Sägenvier.
A compilation of works that
have inspired us. We don't
want to hide them from you.
Variations on good design
by Sägenvier.
A compilation of works
that have inspired
us. We don't want to
hide them from you.
Variations on good
design by Sägenvier.
Overview in fast forward


AXOR, the innovative and luxurious brand for bathroom and kitchen, commissioned us with the worldwide rollout of the new AXOR Places campaign. Plans included a trade fair stand in Milan (cancelled due to Covid), a Places video, Water magazine and Places on the web/social media. We designed and wrote what we could: for the video we invited Little Konzett from Littlebigbeat on board, who composed wonderful water music for us. For the Water magazine, we worked with the photographer Tom Hegen, who photographed places and spaces (aerials) like you’ve never seen them before, and told stories about the places of longing of famous designers (Barber & Osgerby, Citterio, Diefenbach, Massaud, Starck), among others. A meaningful campaign in the field of tension between product, design, and water.

A glance into the magazine
AXOR "PLACES OF MEMORY" - Video for the Milan Furniture Fair
Sägenvier with Tom Hegen and Little Big Beat


Auer Weber 365 is a special architecture book. The idea: recipes for architecture. Employees of Auer Weber have contributed texts, conducted interviews, photographed and illustrated, and pursued important questions: How does our architecture come into being? What is incorporated? Are there any formulae – or not? What ideas are behind it, what processes? How strong is the influence of our origins on how we see things and how we plan? Images, dialogue, materials, norms, travel: What role do they play?

Detailed view with open thread binding
Glimpse into the book


Under the title Urbainable/Stadthaltig, we had the pleasure of designing an exhibition contribution at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin together with the architects Auer Weber Munich/Stuttgart. The focus is on the role of the European city in times of global warming, digitalisation, demographic change and the dissolution of traditional social networks. We encased the architectural model of Munich’s new main railway station in a cube, which transforms from a naked object into a clothed projection surface for a wide variety of film sequences and typographic flow sentences. From the outside, peepholes allow a targeted view of the model – the viewer becomes a voyeur.

Exhibition contribution General view
photo: Marcel Alber
Project film
Video: Marcel Alber


Social project for the association Vindex. Our idea: to present people in a calendar who, for a variety of reasons, are all personally involved with migration and exclusion. Darko Todorovic has portrayed these people artistically and sensitively on a voluntary basis. With these photos and the statements of the people, we were able to produce 1,000 calendars with the help of the Wenin printing company, almost all of which have already been sold by now. So many donations have flowed in and applications for funding have been made that the continued operation of Vindex is guaranteed until around August 2021.

Calendar design
The portrait pictures were taken by Darko Todorovic
Newspaper advertisement


We have been working for Walk Tanztheater for half an eternity. The result is a series of event posters that thematically address the different productions. The combination of contemporary theatre and dance inspires us to come up with fresh ideas every year.

A selection of theatre posters in fast-forward mode


Das Morgen is a Swiss Neuro Campus Hotel and brings together exciting, fresh fields of experience: Experiments with neuroscientific findings in reference to music and culinary arts, a music academy with its own chamber music hall, a music day-care centre and a hotel with end-to-end digitalised convenience and gastronomy with the finest, personalised 2-star cuisine. Tomorrow explores the magic of unconventional thinking. Because, as the saying goes: there is magic in every beginning.

Logo umbrella brand
Web design with illustration by Andrea de Santis


We have been designing the annual reports for pro mente for a long time, in addition to current communication media. Initially, we invited photographers to work freely and artistically on the respective annual theme. Later, we invited international illustrators, thus creating real little pieces of jewellery and collectors’ items.

pro mente v Annual Report 2019
A look at the booklet with illustrations by Sonja Stangl
pro mente v Annual Report 2018
A look into the booklet with illustrations by Daniel Seex


Ferdinand Grabher rents out his former embroidery premises to cultural institutions and associations such as Druckwerk, Radio Museum, Textile Museum. We designed the signage and a brochure for it. Design principle: different surfaces/patterns are superimposed to create new optical effects. The large Ferdinand sign is laser-cut from black Plexi, creating a grid effect, and when the light falls on it, shadows create a double overlay effect. The brochure was screen printed.

Detail view lettering on plexiglass
Building signage
Detailed view of signpost
Info brochure "Ferdinand druckt" with screen printed cover and illustrations by Vinz Schwarzbauer


Hörburger is over 100 years old and today has developed into a leading company for sanitary and heating technology, ventilation and air-conditioning technology as well as industrial and plant automation. Perhaps it was just the right time to entrust us with a new corporate design. Which we did. For all channels, analogue and digital. Another lighthouse project on the subject of brand development.

Building signage with logo and claim


TGS offers comprehensive services for building technology. We were able to contribute a lot of expertise for a new redesign. The result is communication that stands out from the competition in word and image. Lena Seeberger played a major role in the design.

Comprehensive redesign in application


The production coordination was already a story in itself: in 2018, we went to Bombardier in Berlin to decide on the sample stickers on the original train for the new VMOBIL SBAHN. In July 2019, the new train was then presented at Dornbirn main station, in the presence of Federal President Van der Bellen. We delivered on time. Bombardier, however, did not yet receive approval for the eagerly awaited rail miracle. A never ending story …